About Me

  • LFS “core” cancers are breast, brain, sarcoma and adrenocortical, but LFS can cause cancer anywhere at any age.
  • 50% of LFS cancers occur before age 30.
  • New cancers from radiation treatment are more likely in people with LFS.
  • Men with LFS have a 73% lifetime chance of developing cancer.
  • Women with LFS have a nearly 100% lifetime chance of cancer.
  • People with LFS can have multiple types of cancer throughout their lives, or even at one time.
  • For people with LFS, the risk of developing a primary second cancer is 57%. The risk of a third, 38%.



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I’m a Li-Fraumeni Syndrome genetic mutant, which means I’m susceptible to developing many different types of cancers. I dig photography and (mostly old) music.