Support organizations treat the spirit

LFS can be isolating in everyday life. Being able to spend time at the LFS Symposium in Toronto Apr 25–29, with so many people who understand and accept each other without explanation, was an overwhelming experience — hearing stories similar to your own, knowing the same fears and anxieties, feeling the same huge hopes. For a first timer like me, these were surprising comforts. Trish from Living LFS said, “Support organizations are a vital part of cancer treatment. We treat the spirit.” I had no idea how true this was until Toronto. I am so grateful to Living LFS for creating the community so many of us need, and for making it possible for us to spend time with together, both online and in person.

A small segment of the Living LFS community, including photos of some of our dear mutant friends who couldn’t attend.
With Trish and Jen, two of the women I look up to the most in our community, and in general. I love these women so much.

I’m a Li-Fraumeni Syndrome genetic mutant, which means I’m susceptible to developing many different types of cancers. I dig photography and (mostly old) music.

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